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W  O  O  D  T  U  R  N  I  N  G


"...beautiful pieces that delight the eye and invite the hand..."



The selection of the choicest materials,

a sense of form and proportion,

and the artisan's skill

combine to create uniquely beautiful pieces

that delight the eye and invite the hand.

Just a few of the pieces currently available in our store! 

Old American iron:  Yates American J-Line lathe turns 12" over the bed and 16" over the gap, and even larger diameters outboard.

The lathe is mounted to an 1-1/2" thick MDF base, upon which sits 2 large steel vee-blocks and a disc of cast lead.  The tailstock end base is filled with sand.

This all makes for a solid, vibration-free turning platform.

If you're a woodturner and you want good chisels and gouges, no reason not to make them yourself.

Here are some excellent unhandled gouge profiles from Oneway, P&N, and Al Stirt.

The wood was pulled from the "only suitable for handles" scrap pile.

The 1" brass and 1-1/4" copper will make strong solid ferrules and heavy counterbalances.


Completed gouges with solid copper and brass ferrules and counterweights.

The length and mass of the handles helps to reduce chatter and tearout, yet they are well-balanced and are easy and comfortable to use for long periods.


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