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Exactly What is a Dulcimer?

Today's modern Appalachian Dulcimer is a well-engineered zither.  It's origins are humble; simple farmer's instruments that could be easily made, and easily played by ear without any formal musical training.  Brought from Europe by Pennsylvania Germans, the dulcimer migrated to the Appalachians, where it underwent a transformation into a musically useful, pretty sounding, and visually attractive instrument.

The interest in Appalachian music that took place in America during the early years of the recording indusry, and again during the 60s and 70s Folk Revival, brought the Dulcimer to a wider audience.  Talented traditional players and builders from Appalachia were now joined by musicians and luthiers around the country in building, playing, and promoting the Appalachian Dulcimer.  Today, our favorite diatonic zither is more widely known, and more popular, than at any time in it's history. 




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