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Cutting soundholes with a 1935 Gorton 3Z pantograph mill.


The template is oversize; the panto-mill can make reductions from 1:1 to 1:12.


The stylus follows the pattern.


The mill reproduces the pattern in miniature.



The mill can also make inlays.  Two patterns are made; the negative pattern shown here is used to cut the hole in the wood that the inlay will fit into.  A matching positive template is used to cut the inlay.  The sylus diameter must be proportional to the cutter diameter and amount of reduction.  Here, a 3/64" cutter and a 1:8 reduction requires a 3/8" bearing on the stylus.  This renders a perfect fit between the inlay and it's pocket in the wood.


The pocket being cut in the wood.  The inlay should be a perefect fit.


Completed inlay on a dulcimer fretboard.



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