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Autobiography - maximum edit version!

 1975 Philly Folk Fest, a dulcimer, figure out how it was played.

dulcimer kit

building dulcimers

building a number of dulcimers

woodworking full-time, Fine Woodworking

a woodworker, cabinetmaker, designer, sample maker, shop foreman, millwright, pattern maker, and business owner.  furniture and cabinetry, store fixtures and point of puchase displays, mall kiosks, and office and residential interiors.  continued to make and develop my dulcimers.

 libraries, antique reproduction, country, and modern furniture, entertainment centers, fireplaces and wainscottting, foundry patterns, woodturnings, workbenches and toolchests, electric guitars, and all other manner of custom millwork and woodworking.  And of course, dulcimers.

And now, dulcimers.  Dulcimers and bowls. 

Dark Hollow Dulcimers  215-703-7815

256 Durham Road,  Ottsville,  Pennsylvania  18942