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About the Dulcimers

I was a musician before I became a dulcimer aficionado, and so my interest in the dulcimer has always been as a musical instrument first, and quaint relic of a bygone era second.

I build my instruments to have easy action, with great volume, sweet tone, crisp and clear, excellent intonation, ready to strum loud, or to sensitively reproduce the most subtle and nuanced playing.

These are solid, professional, road-worthy instruments, with top-notch tuner mechanisms, and heavy, tolex-covered multi-ply birch cases.

Throughout a career of woodworking and luthiery, I have been collecting the most outstanding American tonewoods I can find.  Multiple sets of parts are cut at a time, years in advance of building.  This insures that the materials used in every Dark Hollow Dulcimer will remain straight and true for generations to come.

Not only are Dark Hollow Dulcimers the best sounding and playing dulcimers available,

they are also built from the most beautiful and amazingly figured woods obtainable.


Dark Hollow Dulcimers  215-703-7815

256 Durham Road,  Ottsville,  Pennsylvania  18942