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1938 Craftsman 12x54 lathe just after restoration.  The original paint color was recreated using Royal Blue + a touch of Black.


Starrett "Last Word" indicator on a Craftsman magnetic indicator holder.

1960 drill press and drill vise in Power Bronze trim.


30s or 40s vintage Craftsman tool chest.

Solid brass Craftsman framing square, Craftsman planes, chrome Craftsman chisels, and a Craftsman 1-2" micrometer.

Craftsman machinery stand in Power Bronze, with walnut and wheels to make a rollaway.  On it are a pair of Craftsman Power Bronze drill vises, and a Craftsman rotary table.

Late 50s Craftsman drill vise in action on the Gorton pantomill.

Craftsman Parks planer.  Great little 12" planers.

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